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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Anything But Idiocy & Co. Behind That?

From time to time when I'm bored or just by curiosity, I check some words or names with a .com" or a ".net" in my browser's addresses bar to see what kind of site was built around that, something like what I did in my first post.

So today I tried, nothing special, a personal site. Then I checked, & to my surprise, it's a porn site!!

when those caricatures about Muslims' prophet Mohamed were made, it was said caricaturists as journalists have the right to express themselves freely & without restrictions, OK, I won't discuss this case, a lot was already said about.

But now, what's the point of naming a porn site ""?

In my opinion the persons who do such a thing, do it for one or more of these reasons:

  1. They are eager the world talk about them & for that look for ways to shock because they have no skills to shine using a more educated manner.

  2. Maybe they just have no faith & can't understand people who have, so the only way they found to express their point of view is to attack faithful persons in their most sacral symbols.

  3. The worst, and sadly maybe the true reason, is they are enemies of peace & comprehension, they just want to provoke people & keep the fire always lit. Any action provoke a reaction, & those persons are only interested by the reaction. (In law, if you hit someone without any reason you get punished, but if you did it because he insulted you or provoked you in a way he knew it would make you angry, judges will take the provocation in consideration, & if they don't relax you at least would pronounce a reduced sentence.). Such persons are not the enemies of a religion or two, they are the enemies of humanity, they have no constructive ideas, their mental skills are only driven towards creating more division & conflicts.

Please share any ideas, thanks!

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