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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Before I Forget ..

I was on my blogger dashboard & seeing this blog title I remembered my daily task of writing something each day, so here I am, if I let it for later I may forget or get busy, so better to take twelve minutes & write another "Anything".

Hmm, what else to say? What to say so that in the same time I say nothing? How to write blah blah?

I'm afraid I won't learn to WRITE from this stuff, but to write Blah Blah! That's for sure not what I intend to learn damn!! Should I stop & look for some other technique to improve my skills? Probably, but for know my mind managed to find only this one, maybe it's better than nothing or maybe worse, but anyways I'll continue.

As I said yesterday when I for he first time restricted my self to twelve minutes of writing, my second try (this one) should be better .. I think I meant better in term of length, but better to keep in mind quality too .. would I be able to say which of this & the previous post is of more quality? I doubt, and anyways they are both lame, so why to bother comparing two bad things? They are bad that's all what matter.

People who read this (poor them) without previously seeing the first in this series would wonder what am I talking about?

Almost end of time ..

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