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Friday, October 19, 2007

Twelve Minutes

OK! This time 12 minutes to write something .. or anything .. ok, whatever .. hmm, what more to say?

Last time I could write something decent, in length I mean, I can't say if it was passable regarding its content, in fact I can, it was a series of blah blah, nothing else .. today (tonight) I feel I have less inspiration to write such stuff, already 4 minutes gone & I still didn't type much.

I don't think I finished the previous thing in 12 or less minutes, I think I wrote it in more than 20 minutes, but I didn't set a time limit but a length limit, not a words or lines numbers, but just something decent, this time I have to STOP! when the 12 minutes are drained even if my post is too short in my eyes .. this is the first time I set such a limit when writing something (anything in this case), so I won't be sever with my self if the result is not satisfying, I have to do better next time though.

I wonder how this ... whatever will finish? Rest 2 minutes now, then I have to check spelling & phrases building, but I hope when time is elapsed I won't have some non-finished phrase, that's why now it rest less than 1 minutes & I'm stopping. ;-) cool ..

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